Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Recently I started a photo showcase on Worldchow asking for extreme closeups of your chows in photographs and already we are getting some awesome shots!!!! To the left is a great image by Worldchow member Tam Tam who says about her image

"This is Jushui. My smartiepantsboy. This is the view I look at when we walk and we walk a lot."

The next photo is from Worldchow member Patujko who says about her mom and baby image

"Zizi was the only puppy in that litter (her brother was too big to survive the actual birth). So, sometimes she looked so lonely and fragile comparing to her big Mom. I used to panic whenever I looked upon them and I couldn't see her (Zizi) under her Mom's big fur! Somehow Zizi only felt safe when lying as close as possible to her mother, or even beneath her. But, fortunately, Nasta was a gentle and careful Mom. :)"

Come and see many more images by Sabina, Layla and others and add your own at THE WORLD CHOW PHOTO GALLERY forum

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